What makes skin care cream USEFUL – The effects of mineral oil

Last week we touched on the perils of anti-freeze, (propylene glycol), being used for body care products from skin care to toothpaste.  Let’s look at another petroleum distillate that is used in a vast majority of skin care products – mineral oil.

Well, what about mineral oil you may ask?  Have you ever looked at the ingredients in baby oil?  It has only two ingredients, mineral oil and perfume.  Wow, you might say, this stuff must be good for baby’s skin as you slather it on after changing a diaper or giving baby a bath.  Advertising from the “experts” in marketing created that illusion.

Well, is mineral oil good for the skin or not?  To answer this question let’s look at some scientific data about it.

First, we would like for our readers to have a full understanding of the terms we are going to use.  What is the definition of molecule?

Molecule is a word we heard in high school science and maybe we got it and maybe we didn’t.  A molecule is just a small part of a substance on planet Earth.  It is the simple structural part of something, in other words, the smallest particle of a substance that is the stable portion of that chemical.  It is simply put – a small part of something.

The molecule of mineral oil is too large to be absorbed by the skin and so in rubbing “on” a lotion or cream that is what is happening.  It lays on the skin instead of being absorbed.  And thus we get a greasy feeling after using lotions and creams that contain mineral oil.

The creams and lotions that use this mineral include just about every lotion or cream sold over the counter, or to state it another way, every cream or lotion sold in the popular outlets such as grocery stores, pharmacies and department stores.

Probably the best way to describe what happens in the use of the lotions and creams sold by the big manufacturers in the stores is to get the reader to recall the action of using these substances.  One puts the lotion or cream on the hands and begins the process of distributing the lotion or cream around on the skin of the hands.  First one rubs the palms together and then transfers some to the back of the hand and keeps rubbing until the cream is “rubbed in”.  Then there is still a bit of a greasy feel left.  (And one is rubbing only into the pores.)

Then one washes their hands sometime in the next hour or so and upon drying the skin it feels dry again and the process if applying the greasy oily lotion or cream is repeated a second time that day, (or the third or fourth time).  If one is a nurse or works in any other profession where they are continuously washing their hands the use of a lotion or cream could be applied multiple times.

No matter how many times one applies the propylene glycol and mineral oil based products the skin is not getting a proper skin care treatment.  Propylene glycol dries out the skin and the mineral oil upon washing off  leaves the skin in the dry state the anti-freeze (propylene glycol) has created.  Remember, the mineral oil is only in the pores which get cleansed when washed.

Many women today are complaining of having dry skin, apparently thinking it is normal for them, when actually it is a created problem that can be solved in most cases.  To paraphrase the Hippocratic Oath sworn to by doctors, DO NO HARM to your skin.

The solution is to use a skin product such as Organic Aloe Skin Care cream which actually feeds the skin a nutritious diet of natural ingredients that the skin can absorb and use to regenerate new luxurious skin.  We borrow that term, luxurious, from a first time tester of Organic Aloe Skin Care cream when she realized the great feeling she had acquired from the use of this cream.  “This feels luxurious!”

Get Organic Aloe Skin Care cream for all of your family members and friends and help them to create that luxurious feeling we users so love.


Ultimate Aloe Skin Care Cream - Travel SizeOrganic Aloe Skin Care Cream™
is the ONLY ALL NATURAL moisturizing Aloe Barbadensis based skin cream.

People have used this cream over dermatologists recommended brands because it doesn’t irritate their skin and they get amazing results!
Just rub it anywhere on your body you have skin and let it work.

  • Moisturizes and softens skin.
  • Nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals.
  • Relieves itching.
  • Helps with callused, cracked  and wrinkled skin.
  • Relieves rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and rashes.
  • DOES NOT irritate the skin.
  • DOES NOT introduce toxins into the skin.

“We bought it mostly to help with our son’s acne, but I also found [it cleared] up dry patches on my eyelids that had been bothering me for months prior.”

Ms. J.A.


“I use it every night on my face… This has cleared up the dry skin around my nose and eye area. My skin seems to be a lot smoother. I love it.”

Mr. H.V.


“This product did exactly as you stated, reduced the size of the pores on my face and nose. The best part is I am allergic to most Aloe Vera products, not yours.”

Mr. E.A.


Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream does NOT contain mineral oil, petrolatum (petroleum wax), Parabens, antifreeze (Propylene Glycol), petroleum products or animal products.

Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream is NOT tested on animals.

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