About Organic Aloe Skin Care

ultimate_aloe_skin_care_single_jarOrganic Aloe Skin Care Cream™ is an all natural organic Aloe Barbadensis based skin cream. Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream penetrates deep into the skin, up to seven layers deep. Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream soothes dry, itchy skin and is NOT greasy. Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream leaves a silky soft, smooth feeling to your skin. “Problem” skin is resolved with the use of Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream.

Buy Now (8 ounce jar)

Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream penetrates deeply into your skin so it won’t wash off. Even after washing, your skin stays silky soft.

Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream does NOT contain mineral oil, petrolatum (petroleum wax), Parabens, antifreeze (Propylene Glycol), petroleum products or animal products. We do not add water to our cream, as water does not moisturize the skin, but dries it out. Ultimate Aloe Skin Care Cream is NOT tested on animals.

Our satisfied customers have given testimonials that they have dramatically improved the following list of conditions:

Abrasions • Acne • Age Spots • Allergic Rashes • Arthritis • Ashy Skin
Athletes Foot • Bed Sores • Bee Stings • Blisters • Boils • Bruises • Burns
Bursitis • Calloused Skin • Canker Sores • Chapped Lips • Chapped Skin
Chemical Burns • Chemical Peel • Cold Sores • Cracked Feet • Cracked Hands
Cracked Heels • Cradle Cap • Dermatitis • Diaper Rash • Dog Hot Spots
Eczema • Fever Blisters • Flea Bites • Folliculitis • Fungus • Hives
Horses • Ichthyosis • Impetigo • Inflamed Joints • Insect Bites • Itching
Jock Itch • Keratosis • Lupus Dry Skin • Poison Oak/Ivy • Poor Circulation
Psoriasis • Radiation Burns • Razor Burns • Ringworm • Rosacea
Rough Hands • Rough Feet • Scars • Shingles • Sore Muscles
Spider Veins • Stretch Marks • Styes • Sunburn • Varicose Veins
Very Dry Skin • Warts • Windburn • Wrinkles

Made in the USA • 100% All Natural • Paraben Free • Fragrance Free

Click the image below to watch our video for more information:


Buy Now (8 ounce jar)


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